Our school was born from the desire to transmit to other people the indescribable pleasure and joy of paragliding free flight.

We have:

  • 18 years of accumulated experience
  • hundreds of trained pilots
  • Availability and total exclusivity for teaching the modality

It is almost impossible to explain the feelings and emotions provided by paragliding. Everything counts: the feeling of freedom, communion with nature, flying accompanied by seagulls, eagles or vultures, feeling the elevation of body and spirit, leaving worries behind when we fly, feeling the adrenaline of “pulling” by the wing and do some more daring maneuvers, or simply socialize with “air” people… paragliding is all this and much more!

When several years ago the founder of UonAir decided to take his baptism of flight, he was far from knowing that his life would at that moment undergo an inflection. 25 years of computer science and a course in Anthropology, Nature and Biodiversity Conservation were left behind. In fact, what was left behind were computers, because Nature is really our environment!

With the pleasure of flying came the natural evolution: accumulation of many hours and experience, progression in flight levels, and finally, instruction.

Enjoying flying is part of an instructor’s soul. The other aspect is the taste of teaching, and that pleasure, I discovered, is also here. It’s not enough to enjoy flying or being a great pilot. Knowing how to teach is the other fundamental component of being an instructor.

Being an instructor and teaching how to fly is a pleasure, a responsibility and perhaps a mission. The instructor is someone available to stay on the ground and forgo your flight for the benefit of your students. The compensation is to “give wings” to the new pilots.

The accumulation of experience and the encouragement of countless Air friends over the years, together with the pleasure of having already trained several pilots, were fundamental for the decision to create UonAir and to dedicate myself professionally and full time to the training of new pilots.

The year 2020 was absolutely atypical due to the pandemic. But it was also the year that my old instructor and friend José Cardoso joined the project. With a vast sports curriculum, both academic and professional, José has already trained in paragliding for 17 years, with hundreds of students trained by him. Our team is also joined by some two-seater pilots, with specific training to transport passengers, or pilot training assistants.

I hope to be worthy of continuing to receive the support, encouragement and affection of friends and former students in the mission of taking more and more people to fly, in the most beautiful and freest way possible: carried by a paraglider wing.