porosimeter test

Inspecting, checking and repairing wings

A workshop equipped with modern high-precision instruments: porosimeter, laser measuring system, precision dynamometer, sewing machines, pressure press, etc…

A detailed and comprehensible report for each periodic service and complete or partial inspection. Wing inspection history.

We carry out periodic servicing and repairs on various brands of paragliders. The main purpose of the overhaul is to ensure that the paraglider and/or reserve parachute remains within the factory safety and performance characteristics. Repair can be done by replacing lines, applying ripstop, or replacing tissue or cells. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation, the first inspection can occur from the first year of use or every 100 hours of flight.

Within the general review service offered by UonAir, several parameters are included to be checked, such as:
– Equipment identification label.
– Prior trimming of the wing (if necessary).
– Lines measurement.
– Inspection of strap components (straps, pulleys, seams, carabiners).
– Physical inspection of lines.
– Fabric porosity test.
– Fabric strength test.
– Visual inspection of the wing (top surface, bottom surface, seams, anchorages, mini ribs, rigid foils, profiles and internal diagonals).
– Lines Symmetry.
– Laser line length measurement (1.5mm margin).
– Line resistance test.
– Profile trimming calculation.
– Final safety check

– Equipment repair.

Detailed report

Lines measurement