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The beginner’s course serves as an introduction to paragliding. It does not necessarily confer a level 1 pilot’s license. It is made up of ad hoc individual lessons, which can be capitalized. If the student has completed the required number of lessons and has the necessary knowledge, they can be put forward for a theory…

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The beginner’s course serves as an introduction to paragliding. It does not necessarily confer a pilot’s license.

This course consists of individual ad hoc lessons
– Type and objectives (*)

Practical part : goals

Suitable for prospective students who have little time but want a more in-depth introduction to the sport.

Students can take individual practical lessons and invest in their learning, capitalizing on knowledge that they can use in the future if they decide to continue learning.

If, during your apprenticeship, you manage to take the minimum number of lessons required and have acquired the necessary knowledge in both the practical and theoretical components, UonAir can put you forward for a theoretical exam and, if you pass, you will receive your level 1 pilot’s license (IPPI Card level 3).

During these classes you also receive theoretical training that complements the practical learning.

Theoretical part: goals

On the theoretical side, students learn the nomenclature of paragliding equipment. You will acquire basic knowledge of aerodynamics and meteorology, flight rules and aviation law, and you will learn about paragliding safety.

Practical part: goals

Learn the technique of inflating from the front (alpine). Learn how to reverse inflate. Learn to know and master the wing. Learn to take off on a school slope Learn to land. Flights and sufficient distance to maneuver the wing. Practicing ground skills.


* implies the existence of personal accident insurance and a medical certificate of sporting fitness. UonAir can refer you to an authorized medical clinic for this type of certification.

Come and learn to fly safely and confidently.

We offer you photos and films of your first lessons and your first flights, so that you can look back on them later!

Some training places available:

Fonte da Telha

Praia do Meco

Praia das Bicas

Albufeira Lagoon

Serra da Arrábida (**)

Sesimbra (**)

Santa Rita Beach

Praia da Gralha

(**) banned during the bathing season


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